Don't Wait for Your HVAC to Break Down

Get preventative maintenance in Royse City, TX and the surrounding areas

Hot Texas summers and winter ice storms can take a toll on your HVAC. You can save money on repairs or a replacement by getting HVAC maintenance. With help from SubCooling Air Services in Royse City, TX, you can get ahead of any HVAC problems. Our preventative maintenance program lets us technicians keep your HVAC running efficiently.

Want to keep your HVAC in perfect shape? Contact us today if you're interested in our maintenance program.

What's included in our maintenance program?

What's included in our maintenance program?

A preventative maintenance agreement with our company includes:

  • Inspect electrical components and tighten connections
  • Look for clogs and condensate drain lines
  • Inspect blower housing and parts
  • Lubricate blades and other moving parts
  • Check refrigerate levels
  • Inspect for refrigerate leaks
  • Check thermostat for calibration
  • Look for signs of wear & tear and potential problems

Importance of having a maintenance program

  • Longer lifespan
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Fewer repairs in the long run

With two yearly maintenance visits, you won't have to worry about your HVAC breaking down prematurely. We'll get ahead of and resolve any potential issues with your unit. Email us now to sign up for our HVAC maintenance program.

Get our Preventative Maintenance Agreement for $150, or $12.50 per month